Saturday, 19 May 2012

Our secrete number

One of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is weight loss. Not everybody wants to look like a model but we all have that secrete number we’d like to see when we climb on the scale. The reason we keep it a secret is because losing weight is not easy. It demands a lot from us and frankly only a few of us are determined enough to fight for that number.

For those of us who are pursuing our secrete number, let’s not give up. Let’s continue choosing fat free milk over full cream, two blocks of chocolate as opposed to the entire slab because we will soon reap the benefits of our smaller selves. 

That dream of wearing your short jump suite or that bikini will soon be a reality.  

Just by starting you are already closer to your dream, keep going!

As a friend of mine says "Nothing tastes better than thin feels"