Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Never give up

Life can be a mess but giving up is not an option!

Some of us have been around this world long enough to have experienced its joys and sorrows. They have helped us become the great people we are shaping up to be every day. We wake up every morning to strive for better because we have faith that things will improve and believe that with all the mess that we sometimes find ourselves in, it will all workout one day. So we continue making the right decisions and putting one foot in front of the other everyday... because we are not build to give up. 

How about we apply the same principle to healthy living? None of us are perfect, some days are better than others. A bad day doesn’t mean that it’s the end. Tomorrow is still another day to correct your eating habits and get back to your exercise routine. 

The truth is we give what we have and when we give it, the world somehow gives back. So how about working on striving for an improved version of you so that you can give that to the world and watch when it reciprocates.